Shrinksleeving machines

Machinery equipment to enable shrinksleeving on your products.

Shrinksleeve packaging

Multiple shrinksleeving solutions for your products.

Fuji Seal Group started manufacturing and selling cap seals in 1958. Since that time, we have continuously developed our products in response to changes in customers, markets, and product containers. Fuji Seal provides shrink sleeve labels, self-adhesive labels (pressure sensitive labels), spouted pouches, and packaging machinery such as sleeving machines on a global scale. Utilizing the technology and capabilities of the Group, we provide total packaging solutions to meet our customers' needs in a wide range of areas, such as food, beverages, dairy, home & personal care and pharmaceutical products.

A shrink sleeve labeler is a machine designed to apply shrink sleeve labels to a variety of containers such as PET bottles. The shrink sleeve labeler covers containers with sleeves of printed thermal shrink film, after which the sleeves are shrunk to adhere to the containers. As the conditions for shrink sleeve labeling differ depending on each manufacturing process, there is a variety of methods to apply a shrink sleeve label to containers.

Fuji Seal offers shrink sleeve labelers capable of handling a variety of shrink sleeve labels and realizes ideal manufacturing speeds for each client while utilizing our experience to cope with a variety of production conditions.


Renewed machine portfolio
Fuji Seal listens to the market and is in the process of developing a new range of Shrink Sleeve Machine Solutions. The solutions can offer increased flexibility, have a smaller footprint, lower investment cost and reduced environmental impact to help meet with our customers (future) demands and line efficiency targets. The first new more affordable machine elements in our machine portfolio are already available and further new elements are on the way. For more information please contact your Fuji Seal representative or contact us via the contact form on this website.


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