Fuji Seal offers application equipment such as label applicators, de-reel units, and shrink tunnels.

In addition to the supply of application machinery, Fuji Seal offers shrink sleeve materials, maintenance services, training, and technical support across the globe.

Fuji Seal sleeve machines are designed to apply shrink sleeve labels to a variety of containers.

The solution comprises of three main elements:

  • Applicator – Applies and positions the label onto the container
  • Shrink Tunnel – Provides heat to shrink the label onto the product by steam or hot-air
  • De-Reel Unit – Unwinds and feeds the shrink label material to the applicator



The Fuji Seal 400 platform responds to medium-high speed requirements.

This machine range shows a merge of all Fuji Seal technologies, years of experience and valuable advice from our customers who are using this technology on a daily basis.

The machine development has emphasized the film path across rollers compensating any reel winding limitation, focused the attention to reduce internal and external film friction, making it possible to use shrink films below 35 micron. This is something directly related to savings and has a high impact on packaging waste reduction and carbon footprint, meaning a product that respects and contributes to the environment. 

The Fuji Seal 400 provides cutting-edge sleeve technology and supports material down-gauging. In turn, a reduction can be seen in Total Cost of Ownership which makes decoration using a sleeve an even more cost effective way of labeling.


The Fuji Seal 9000 is the highest performing sleeve application machine in the market in terms of speed, efficiency and versatility. Well ahead of any other equipment on the market, it transforms sleeve technology into a high quality labelling system at very competitive total cost of ownership.

There are close to 200 machines installed worldwide, the Fuji Seal 9000 concept is clearly aimed at the beverage market including Soft-Drinks, Energy drinks, Beer, Water and Dairy, integrated in high speed filling lines above 50.000 bottles per hour. The robust application module and heavy duty construction guarantees highly efficient operations 24/7 in a factory environment.

Decoration solutions exist of : Full body, Partial label, Tamper evidence, Length perforation, Tear Tab, Cross perforation, Multipack solutions

TypeTypical speed (Bph)
Full bodyPartial labelTamper evidenceLength perforationTear tabCross perforationMulti pack
400 DL (dual lane)8.00096.000

De-Reel Units


A single reel unit for low speed machines. (sleeve web-speed max 40m/min)  The unit is a stand-alone unit and will provide the applicator of sleeve. When reel’s end is reached machine will stop and the empty reel needs to be replaced with a new full reel of sleeves. The connection of sleeve end and new reel, splice, is made manually. Production is stopped, Manual splice by operator.

DR-M + Accumulation 

This stand-alone unit is equipped with 2 reels and an accumulation unit designed for low to mid-speed (web-speed max 80m/min). When one reel is empty the sleeve inside the accumulation unit will be used by the machine to continue production, during this time the operator can make a manual splice using the second reel of sleeve in the unit. Production is not stopped. Manual splice by operator.


The unit is equipped with 3 reels of sleeve + accumulation and designed for low to mid-speed range. (web-speed max 80m/min) The operator needs to prepare beginning of the reel of sleeve as then the splice-unit can make an automatic splice. This splice unit moves from reel to reel. The unit gives operator freedom, operator does not have to stay with the DR-MC when reel ends, operator can prepare a new reel, with splice tape, at any given time. An integrated efficient accumulation buffer allows continuing production during change from one reel to next. Production not stopped, Prepare sleeve with splice tape, Automatic Splice, Operator freedom.


The DR-H Automatic splice unit is equipped with 6 reels of sleeve and integrated accumulation unit. The DR-H is designed for mid to high-speeds. (web-speed max 190m/min) The sleeve only needs to be cut, by use of cutting tool and placed in correct position, then the DR-H will make an automatic splice, placing splice tape on sleeve and will make the connection between the end of reel and the begin of new reel. An integrated accumulation-unit provides sleeve when splice unit moves from one reel to next, which allows to continue production during splice change. Production not stopped, Prepare sleeve, Automatic Splice, Operator freedom.

Shrink tunnels

 ST-M / ST-H series

This type of shrink tunnel uses steam as a shrink medium. In a total length of 3 meters, which includes safety zone, we can shrink products up to a speed of 60.000 bph, with minimum steam consumption in the most efficient way. The ST-M is a modular shrink-tunnel which means that overall length stays the same. Inside the steam tunnel we can adjust the configuration depending on requirements. This results in the ST-M23 and ST-M24 for the low- to mid-speed range, up to 30.000 bph and the ST-H35 as the high speed version. Optional the Steam tunnel can be upgraded with LED light inside shrink-tunnel with windows in the tunnel door to view the shrinking process.  The adjustment of shrink tunnel nozzles can be done from the outside, not needed to open the single front door. Quick changeover features and safety door locks can be part of the final configuration. Filled bottles/containers, empty bottles/containers, full body sleeves, multipack sleeves, partial sleeves and Tamper Evident sleeves making steam a perfect medium for shrinking. The Fuji Seal Steam-tunnel ST-M / ST-H provides cutting-edge shrinking technology and supports material down-gauging. The efficient way of shrinking, results into a premium shrink quality within minimum tunnel length.

Hot air modules 

In addition to shrink tunnels using steam we also have a range of Hot air tunnels h use electrical heat and blowers to control the temperature and shrink curve inside the Hot air tunnel. OM, Open Module, and NM, Nozzle Module, are the mostly used hot air shrink tunnels. Depending speed, container requirements and content these Hot air modules can create an astonishing result using hot air. Hot air modules are often used for dry products like powder, coffee, milk or other products which are sensitive for steam or moist.  Full body sleeves, partial sleeves, Multi-pack sleeves and Tamper Evident sleeves can be shrunken by means of Hot air modules.


The Intersleeve brand is a reminder of our successful past. Our current Fuji Seal 400 and 9000 Series Machines are built on the basis of this reputation of utilizing advanced developments for commercialization in sleeve decoration. Our foundation of older machines is sustainable under a refurbishment program utilizing the brand name Intersleeve Should you wish to refurbish and update a legacy piece of equipment, you can fill out the request for quotation form for more information on refurbishing your current machine or purchasing a refurbished machine.

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