Full Body

Like the name suggests a full body sleeve covers the entire product. Usually the functionality of this type of sleeve is for decoration. Sometimes this application is referred to as decoration sleeve for that reason. In every industry, from beverage to pharma or from body-/homecare to the chemical industry, we see the Full Body or Decoration Sleeve application. A full body sleeve can get a printed date indication or barcode before and after application. Bottles and containers can contain a product or can be empty during sleeve application. Contact us for more information.


Just like the full body sleeve the partial label usually has the functionality to decorate the bottle or cup. With this application the sleeve doesn’t cover the full product, but only the bottom, top or even middle section of the container. Most people would recognize this type of sleeve from the beverage or dairy industry. The partial label is not limited to a specific industry or a specific shape. Fuji Seal has references for the partial label in all industries, an orientated partial sleeve on a squared container is one of our most striking examples! Bottles and containers can contain a product or can be empty during sleeve application. Contact us for more information.

Tamper Evidence

The Tamper Evidence sleeve is commonly known from the food and pharmaceutical industry. Where the importance of a sealed or secured lid is obvious. A Tamper Evidence sleeve is not exclusively for a specific bottle or container. The Tamper Evidence sleeve can even be used to hold small series of products together like pencils. For easy removal of this sleeve a perforation can be automatically added by our machines right before application. Contact us for more information.

Length Perforation

In today’s world sustainability becomes more and more important. Every company through each industry is looking at their carbon footprint and the sustainability of their products. Separation of waste materials becomes an important aspect for circular product carriers. A decoration sleeve or label can be separated in different ways from the bottle, can or container to be recycled. Apart from innovative sleeve materials, the customer’s behavior can have a big influence on the availability of recyclable products. The length perforation makes it easier to remove the sleeve from the bottle by the customer after usage. Just like all other applications the length perforation is available for products in every industry and almost every shape. Bottles and containers can contain a product or can be empty during sleeve application. Contact us for more information.

Cross Perforation

A Full Body sleeve can be combined with a Tamper Evidence sleeve in one application. In order to easily open the product by the customer our FS400 machine series can add a Cross Perforation automatically in the sleeve before application. This is integrated in the system similar to the technology used for length perforation. This type of sleeve is commonly used in the Dairy and Beverage industry. Most likely to see this type of application will be on round bottles, but Fuji Seal has also applied this to boxes or other product shapes. With the different type of product shapes all industries can be have a benefit by the integration of this application. Contact us for more information.


Especially with a Full Body or Partial Label on the bottom for decoration purposes, the right appearance is important. Smiling on the bottom of the product is not preferable, because this could take the attention from the design of the label. Underlap or bottomshrink can prevent the smiling effect during the shrinking process of the sleeve. This application will add a sleeve all the way to the bottom of the bottle, can or container. Pre-filled, capped and empty products can be provided with underlap. Contact us for more information.

Multi Pack

Packing multiple products together to improve sales has been done in many different ways. The Fuji Seal sleevers can also provide this bundling capability with a shrink sleeve. The Multi Pack sleeve can have a decoration purpose or just a bundling purpose. For easy removal of the sleeve after the customer bought the bundle of products, the FS400 can also add a Length Perforation to the sleeve. Every industry knows bundle packs, the beverage industry has multiple cans in the supermarkets and the automotive knows the bundled motor oil containers in gas stations. Home and Body care products are sold together for long time as well. The shape of the bottle or container therefore is not the most important for multi packs, it’s the size that matters! Our FS400XL is especially designed to handle wide duo or triple packs. Contact us for more information.


Product recognition is key for successful sales, different colors and designs are very important for the right product marketing. Sleeving and labelling bottles, cans, containers or boxes with a Full Body sleeve has proven to be a successful for the right product attention. Empty and filled cups for the Dairy and Food industry are possible to sleeve with our decoration solutions too. Even cup multi packs can be sleeved on high speeds. Contact us for more information.

Trigger Bottles

The Trigger bottle can have a difficult shape for the right label design. With the outstanding shrinking quality of our Steam Tunnels, you can create the right appearance of your trigger bottle product. Fuji Seal’s sleeve applicators can applicate the sleeves on filled and closed trigger bottles. Contact us for more information.

Open Sleeve

More and more bottle designs are labeled using sleeving machines. Just like the challenging design of trigger bottles, bottles commonly seen in the fabric and home care with a handle have difficult shapes too. Especially this handle or embossed bottle parts make sleeving difficult. Fuji Seal offers specialized sleeving machines to apply a sleeve on these type of bottles.

Square Bottles

Where for round bottles sleeve orientation is no issue, for square bottles orientation is key. Before and after sleeve application Fuji Seal offers innovative technology for a better orientated sleeve. Application and shrinking can be done with filled and empty square bottles just like it’s done with round bottles. Oval bottle/container shapes can be handled the same way.